You saw it, and so did we; When COVID-19 came onto the scene, the industry’s market dynamics, especially industries like retail and transportation, took a significant downturn. On the flip side, there’s a resurgence in demand for physical security systems as companies look to capitalize on the latest technologies in a way that ensures business continuity and safety. We’ve listened to our clients and industry experts. It’s clear that integrators now seek technologies to help their customers gain situational insights to maximize the possibility for more openness, efficiency, and effectiveness. With virtual conventions out due to safety concerns, how are you possibly going to get your products in front of customers? This is a huge problem for manufacturers right now.

The problem is not a product shortage; it’s getting your brand and products in front of your customers and prospects. Maybe you’ve participated in every boring industry trade show and convention. You’ve probably sent out press releases to industry publications about new product releases. Maybe you even spend time and money developing case studies of successful product applications. Let us take a guess: you feature all of this on your company website’s News page. 


We’ve got news for you: Nobody cares.

Have you ever really taken a look at your security manufacturing website? We don’t want to name any names, but we’ve seen security manufacturer websites as enticing as a SPAM burger, and if you don’t know what that is, you’re too young to be reading this. What we’re trying to say is that while you may have interesting content to share, your website alone isn’t enough to entice your potential customers (including end-users)…but your newsletter can. Stop waiting on your customers to come to you. Go to them!


What’s the deal with e-newsletters? An e-newsletter offers your target readers a strategic curation of your most exciting content, announcements, and promotions. It can help keep customers and prospects in the know and gain traffic that converts to leads and sales.


At SD Marketing, we’re helping our manufacturing clients take a proactive approach by getting their products or services in front of 15,000+ dealers by strategically distributing thought-provoking e-newsletters to our carefully curated databases customized for each client. Our existing manufacturing customers are experiencing an increase in sales as a result, which is why we’re committed to sharing our e-newsletter must-haves with you. 


So here it is. When distributing an e-newsletter to your customers,  you need to:

  1. Highlight Industry Trends– 2020 forced the industry to innovate and evolve like never before. After talking with many of our clients, we believe the industry will move from security and safety applications to IoT business intelligence and automation. Many of our manufacturer clients made leaps in video analytics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), touchless and cloud-based access control, and so much more! All of these critically impacted applications within the healthcare, manufacturing, and transportation verticals. Highlighting these industry advancements in your newsletters will position your products and potential partnerships as solutions for your dealers and integrators to offer their customers or for you to offer directly to end-users! We’ve tried this strategy with several of our clients by deploying e-newsletters specific to regions throughout the nation that used industry trends as a launchpad for expanding the number of applications for the use of our clients’ products. For instance, we’ve published manufacturer e-newsletters positioning the industry trends surrounding AI as a means to create more opportunities for automation and data mining in industries like manufacturing and healthcare by transitioning smart cameras from merely meeting traditional security needs and to business intelligence and automation. See how we did that?

  3. Showcase Their Competitors To Build Credibility  (and to motivate them): Okay, okay, we know…this seems like it could be a little risky…but it isn’t! Your e-newsletter is the perfect place for you to highlight your dealer partners’ successful and innovative deployments of your products to happy customers. Other security companies will still want to hop on that train even if their competitors are already riding with you.

  5. Offer Up COVID Solutions – We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: There’s no shame in focusing on the low-hanging fruit! While a vaccine is finally here, COVID-19 has a lasting impact on our industry in that physical security has entered a new era of technology innovation and manufacturing. Most organizations have realized the need to restructure their security operations to meet health and safety requirements inspired by the pandemic. The next decade will be all about simplifying, automating, and modernizing. You’ll want to master speaking to your customers’ needs surrounding topics like touchless access, home and business automation, and intelligent video surveillance as new opportunities emerge across all verticals. An e-newsletter distributed to your customers, prospects, and end-users nationwide is the ideal medium for doing so.

  7. Educate – When anyone visits your website, they learn all about your products and specifications. A for effort, but that isn’t helpful when visitors are trying to learn about how your product fits into their customer’s (or their own) security system. Our team of copywriters and designers have been working with clients worldwide to plan, develop, and design e-newsletters that educate readers on how each component functions with one another to produce a seamless integrated system. Whenever you have an update on software or a newer version of a piece of hardware released, we’ve found that when you include that in an e-newsletter that announces the update and explains the next steps, it generates upsales (when they send the newsletter to whom? Security companies? End users? We’ve even created the content for our manufacturing customers, so that their integrators only have to copy and paste it and send it to their end-user customers. Easy smeasy.

  9. Generate End-User Leads for Security Companies! – The security marketing’s chain of command (whoever the heck they are) believes that manufacturers should only target dealers, integrators, and distribution centers. At SD Marketing, we know it’s time to rethink marketing. Like the rebels we are, we stuck it to the man. We beta-tested some of our manufacturing customers with an end-user demand marketing strategy that included e-newsletter distribution directly to end-users. Times are still tough for some security companies out there, but we see the bigger picture. That’s why we try to do our part in helping generate leads for them by targeting regions nationwide where our clients don’t have installers. The result? It’s an easy sell to get them to start carrying your products by passing on toasty-hot leads.


For quite some time now, our team of nerdy creatives has been deploying e-newsletters for nearly all of our Security Manufacturing clients, and it’s working! An effective e-newsletter is a blend of relevant information (textual and graphical) and tasteful design. Both have important roles to play when it comes to engaging existing and potential customers. Even if sent to the most rock-solid databases, if one of these aspects is absent, your campaign, consequently, your efforts, time, and resources will be wasted. If your database isn’t so “rock-solid” (not knocking you), once you’re one of our clients, you’ll instantly gain 15k+ companies nationwide!

You’ve got products. We’ve got a plan.

SD Marketing can offer proven marketing solutions that are effective and rapid! What’s the key to our success? Throughout our 9+ years of data-driven success in the security industry, we’ve grown a database of over 15,000 security companies throughout the nation. And because of this, we literally can get your product in front of them within minutes; yes, we said minutes! In doing so, we can generate direct sales, leads, product or brand awareness, and much more.

Stop the headaches of trying to figure out how to generate new sales and leads, and get on the phone with us for a simple conversation. Call to speak with David Morgan (888) 572-4450, or if you’re curious to see who we are, CLICK HERE TO VISIT OUR WEBSITE.

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