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COVID-19 has put a hold on in-person meetings, trade shows, etc., and this trend is likely to extend throughout 2021. This new practice is leading to a recent health crisis that is rocking the security industry. Virtual Convention Fatigue has resulted in surging cases of Numbassitis and Boredomosis. Don’t believe us? Here’s what some of our customers said:

“If I get one more email with a registration link, I swear…”

“These virtual conventions feel like a huge waste of time, and they seem to take forever.”

“I miss grabbing drinks and having real conversations with people.”

FDA-Approved treatments for the disease won’t be available for many months to come, and it’s pretty clear that sitting [on your ass] won’t help.

In all seriousness, security companies are getting bored and tired of online trade shows, so what’s the solution?

At SD Marketing, we’re helping our manufacturing clients take a proactive approach by getting their products or services in front of 15,000 dealers utilizing our databases, social media, E-newsletter campaigns, and other marketing strategies. And it’s working!

Our existing manufacturing customers are experiencing an increase in sales when they use these exact strategies. Plus, each one of these strategies is an easy way to generate new dealer partners throughout the country:


  1. COVID Products in Demand! – There’s no shame in focusing on the low-hanging fruit! Obviously, COVID-19 is a scorching topic. Every industry is trying to figure out how to become compliant or keep their staff members safe and avoid upcoming frivolous lawsuits. If your manufacturing company manufactures any hands-free products or heat-detecting hardware, we suggest putting these products in front of our 15K+ database of security companies all over the country.
  2. Start Generating End-user Leads for Security Companies! – Needless to say, 2020 was the year to be creative when it came to your marketing efforts. At SD Marketing, we beta-tested some of our manufacturing customers with an end-user demand marketing strategy. If times were tough for security companies nationwide, we figured we’d like to do our part in helping them by generating leads for them. And, we’ve had great success! We also learned that by generating leads within cities or areas that you don’t have installers already utilizing your products, it’s an easy sell to get them to start carrying your products by handing them an iron-hot lead. Can you say Cha-Ching?
  3. 2020-2021 Newfound Opportunities – Because we’ve worked with over 200 integrators and security dealers across the entire country, we know they’re the experts in designing and installing security systems. However, when it comes to their marketing, well, to be candid, they kind of suck at it. So, we started to research and listen to current events and happenings. We began creating e-newsletters by state on potential opportunities relevant to our manufacturing customers’ products. We’ve had great success in generating new sales for a virtual guard customer of ours by sending out an e-newsletter discussing the uprise of break-ins and theft within the automotive industry, followed by a solution from our manufacturer’s virtual guard software. Sometimes, you have to help that horse find where the water is, even nudge them to drink it, and that’s what we did.
  4. Online Training – Since meeting with customers in person is still iffy, we’ve experienced significant demand for online training and certification courses. Our team of copywriters and designers have been working with manufacturers worldwide to plan, develop, and design online training courses utilizing videos, engaging graphics, and innovative user interaction. In return, new hires can still get certified within the manufacturers their security employer carries and installs.

These are only a few examples of tactics we are implementing for all of our Security Manufacturing clients, and it’s moving the needle! By now, you’re probably thinking, “Okay, great…but how am I going to do all of this? Where the heck do I even begin?”

You’ve got products. We’ve got a plan.

SD Marketing can offer proven marketing solutions that are effective and rapid! Throughout our 9+ years of data-driven success in the security industry, we’ve grown a database of over 15,000 security companies throughout the nation that is the key to our success. And because of this, we literally can get your product in front of them within minutes; yes, we said minutes! In doing so, we can generate direct sales, leads, product or brand awareness, and much more.

Stop the headaches of trying to figure out how to generate new sales and leads, and get on the phone with us for a simple conversation.

Call to speak with David Morgan (888) 572-4450, or if you’re curious to see who we are, CLICK HERE TO VISIT OUR WEBSITE. 


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