Developing a winning marketing strategy is hard—as in really hard. You can spend endless amounts of time and resources and still get only marginal results. Why? Because generalized marketing, or marketing to the broadest possible base, is a lot like throwing spaghetti at the wall and hoping something sticks. While generalized marketing will absolutely get results, it probably isn’t the best use of your resources.

So what marketing approach should a security dealer or integrator consider? Vertical marketing. Vertical marketing gets proven and repeatable results when it comes to laser content marketing. Here’s why. 

Given the opportunity, industry professionals will choose specialists over generalists. Naturally, industry professionals want to work with security experts that know their industry, understand their pain points, and speak their lingo. It demonstrates your dedication to knowing their needs and builds immediate trust that you will equip their facility with the most appropriate technologies. 

Secondly, specializing allows you to understand your target vertical’s nuances which means you can create marketing that speaks specifically, directly, and compellingly to your target audience. This is of huge significance because, for example, things that matter to an education vertical may only marginally matter to manufacturing and logistics so marketing generally could mean you miss opportunities in both verticals. Vertical content kills it in engagement. 

Vertical marketing also allows for the most strategic use of resources to identify, learn about, and reach decision-makers. Focusing your marketing attention on specific verticals provides the opportunity to understand its dynamics, characteristics, and key trends. This provides a solid foundation to identify new opportunities, unmet needs, and key decision-makers and influencers within that vertical.

Finally, implementing a vertical marketing strategy helps improve your brand recognition and position as an expert in serving a vertical’s unique needs. Face it. It doesn’t take much to identify a poser. Focusing your marketing efforts on a limited number of specific industries and demonstrating deep industry knowledge captures market attention and boosts the confidence customers and prospects have in an organization, and ultimately significantly improving the quality of your leads. 

All of this may leave you with some concerns, such as missing out on potential accounts. Will you capture every account? No, but you’ll capture the right accounts.

At SD Marketing, we believe in verticals so much that we dedicate 100% of our marketing skills and expertise to those within the security industry. Not only that, we limit ourselves to providing services to a very limited number of non-competing manufacturers, dealers, and integrators in each region. Now that you have a greater understanding of the importance of staying vertically focused, how can our 50-50-30 program help you should you decide to give us a chance?

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