Manufacturers – SD Marketing


At the end of the day your customers are our customers, think about it! We know the exact channels to stand out from other manufacturers since we market ourselves and work with many of the nation's top security dealers and integrators. Who better to help get your company in front your targeted audience?

Let our insight and experience within the security industry for over 5 years help guide you! Are you a new manufacturer or service provider to our industry and need help penetrating our industry? We can help with a strategic marketing plan, get recognized by industry publications and most importantly stand out from the competition, especially if you manufacturer video cameras! Take a look below at our service offerings for manufacturers targeting the security industry.

Event Marketing/Strategy

Your customers are our customers! So let our experience in penetrating the Security Industry save you the headaches (and 1,000's of dollars) figuring out which industry shows provide the best ROI, promotions to run and how to go about implementing them.

Industry P/R

Let our 5 years of rubbing elbows with the industry's publications be to your advantage! Whether you need a press release on that new product or would like the opportunity to be featured in the industry publications we can give you the best fighting chance!

Content Creation

Marketing is nothing without captivating headlines and compelling messaging. Our team of content creation pros will work with you to communicate your company’s Unique Selling Proposition and relay it to every piece of content we use for your marketing campaigns.


Remember that purse or car part you just checked out that followed you around everywhere on the web? It’s called remarketing and we can do the same for your company, whatever product they were interested in we can make it follow them. Have an established Email database? We can follow them too for pennies on the dollar!

Social Media

Think of how many times you check your Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn account in a day, hell what about in the last hour! Now imagine your product/service showing up in front of all those potential security companies! If you don't you're leaving lots of dollars on the table!

PPC Campaigns

Literally within minutes you can gain targeted traffic to your website from your targeted areas or from a national level. Get potential dealers to your manufacturer’s website or attract the attention of the end-user. The choice is yours!


The single most effective way to expand your brand presence, generate your company leads and keep your manufacturing company top-of-mind when it comes to your potential customer's next install. Need help with building a database? We can help!

Web Design

Does your current Website represent who you really are? If it doesn't you're in trouble! It's the foundation for all your marketing efforts. Your site will sell 24/7, expand all your marketing efforts messaging, generate your company leads, help create your dealer’s/distributors leads and be equipped with our 5 plus years experience.