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Our Free Covid-19 Marketing 

During this time of crisis, we identified that the most valuable and powerful way to support the security industry community is by providing our help in educating the public. As a way of giving back  to the industry, we are offering our support to any security business needing our assistance to help educate the public by providing free key COVID-19 assets for their website and newsletter communications. 

The free marketing includes COVID-19 homepage messaging and a single eblast with similar messaging to help educate and encourage confidence among the communities throughout the US. It is available to ANY company within the security industry. 

Stand strong. We’re in this together.

Ready to get started? Please fill out the form below to be put in queue. After we have received your submission we will send you proofs for approval. No homepage will be updated and no e-newsletter will be sent without your prior approval.

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Step 1 - Messaging

We have created a generic message for all security companies to use below. Should you prefer for the message to be edited or changed please make edits to the text within the field form below.

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FTP Information: (FTP information will not work if your website was developed in Wordpress, we will need guest or admin access. If you’re not sure what your website was developed in please enter in your domain name and we’ll find out for you. And request the following information once we know what it was developed in )

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Once your form has been submitted it will be completed in the order it was received. Should you have any questions regarding our process please contact us at: 888-572-3350

We wish you all the best of luck during these tough times and should you have any questions regarding any other marketing help please don’t hesitate to contact us, even if it’s just for some advice.

Thank you all for entrusting us to be the #1 marketing agency within the security industry.