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How it all began

It all began 5 years ago when Alex Chavez and David Morgan would meet on E-Harmony… just kidding. But, it did begin 5 years ago when Alex’s wife would ask him if he’d be interested in meeting her friends husband who was in “computers”. Kicking and screaming the whole way to dinner Alex would learn David was actually in marketing and not the R2D2 nerd he thought he was going to be, long story short they would hit it off and start Security Dealer Marketing in early 2011.

David, with a background in working with large enterprise companies such as LookSmart, Guthy-Renker and others was working with a prior marketing agency that dabbled within the security industry.

Alex had moved his agency from Las Vegas to Los Angeles and was looking for other opportunities. David had left his previous company and asked Alex hey, what do you think about security? 3 weeks later they formed their company, packed up and headed to Las Vegas’ ISC West.

Unimpressed with the winners and the work at the Sammy award show, Alex turned to David and said, “Lets help this industry! Because it needs a lot of help!”

Fast forward to today, Security Dealer Marketing has worked with over 100 dealers, manufacturers and integrators nationwide.

We like to tell people we don’t know everything, nor pretend to know. We have made some mistakes in the past and lost some customers. But after 5 years we’ve molded into something special… a company that realized what marketing channels work and which ones don’t, what marketing messages work to penetrate new industries, what techniques work to convert web traffic to leads, how to lower your attrition while increasing your referral program and helping manufacturers to penetrate the security industry with an advance learning, simply because their customers are our customers.

We’re purple cow theorists and aren’t meant for every security company, only those who don’t mind being different and want to be noticed. We welcome all to call us to have a simple chat and after should we take you on as a client we promise you’ll gain much insight into our learnings over the past 5 years and you won’t just be one of our clients… but family.

Who Is SDMarketing? What Do We Do?

What transpired 5 years ago to where we are today has changed tremendously. After being very active within the security by exhibiting at all major trade shows across the nation, being asked to speak on marketing topics at major conventions and small trade shows and being heavily involved with local chapter organizations we’ve come across all types of dealers, integrators and manufacturers. We’ve listened to all of their needs and tested what marketing channels would work and found out which ones do not. And after 5 years of rigorously testing we’ve found the secret sauce on how to generate in-bound marketing for security companies all over the U.S.

We’ve also learned that our marketing agency is not for everyone. If you simply want to blend in with your ads and messaging by saying the same things other security companies are saying you’re probably better off sticking to your local agencies that don’t understand how competitive this market is. But, on the other hand if you’re interested in making your security company stand out from the competition, being different and want your company to be talked about and noticed lets chat to see if our companies gel together. We look forward to hearing about your security company!

David Morgan

David Morgan

Vice President / Sales

For 19+ years Mr. Morgan has managed marketing for the nation’s largest brands. He’s the Co-Author of SDM Magazine’s Marketing Madmen and is a featured presenter at industry events nationwide.

Alex Chavez

Alex Chavez


Passionate about design + marketing Alex Chavez opened his first marketing agency in Las Vegas at the age of 20. 18 years later he brings his experience and passion in marketing to the security industry.