We’re giving away 7+ years of marketing experience within the security industry below for FREE! – SD Marketing

We’re giving away 7+ years of marketing experience within the security industry below for FREE!

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Why you ask? Because like GI Joe said “Knowing is half the battle!”. So the better educated you are the better decisions you’ll be able to make on what marketing efforts your security company should be doing in 2019. Think of it as our gift to you, oh and your welcome! We literally are holding nothing back! Whether or not you decide to take advantage of this article is up to you, but it will only be up for 2 weeks then we’re taking it down.

Your Company’s Website
It’s the foundation for all of your marketing efforts.

    • First, if your website is still non responsive or isn’t mobile friendly it’s time to upgrade it all together. Unless you’ve been living under a rock you’ll know the importance of your website adapting to mobile viewers since mobile visits now is the majority of your web audience, even on a B2B level for your commercial end users.
    • If your homepage is a long scroll try shortening it down. Design 2-3 rotating banners of your highest services to guide your web visitors to areas most important on your site.
    • Below your scrolling banners add push boxes, but no more than 4. These are simple graphics with titles that let your users know how to navigate quickly to your services. These will be pages typically show your home security services, commercial security, verticals you focus on, packages and support.
    • Inner pages, if your inner pages are lengthy try using this content strategy to convert better:
      1. Come up with a captivating bold headline on the top of your page, IE: A burglar just attempted to break into your home this very second! Who’s home? Better yet, are they safe? This will gain the users attention.
      2. Then below that follow up with a simple paragraph on how your security services solves their needs or challenges. Make sure to mention that you’re local!
      3. After the brief paragraph put bullet points that sell that particular service. If it’s your intrusion page try putting bullets like this, but try to keep them under 5, here are some examples:
        • Control from your mobile phone
        • View your home from your phone
        • All packages are fully upgradable at any time
        • 24/7 professional monitoring
        • We provide packages for all budgets!
      1. Next you’ll want to have a strong call to action! Don’t ask your potential customer to fill out the form, tell them to! IE: Fill out the form now to protect your home, your assets and more importantly your family! And make sure to limit your form’s fields to name, email and phone number. You’ll lose potential leads if you make it too lengthy! We’ve tested the heck out of this.
      2. Lastly a little surprise that we found out that is easy to add to your site is a banner, graphic or button that says “Have an existing alarm? Click Here” that takes them to a dedicated page that talks about how you can easily take over their monitoring, it works!

These are some simple changes you can make to your website to improve your lead count. Show this to your web developer or marketing team. If they disagree let’s have a conference call to discuss it.

Facebook Ads
If you’re not running Facebook lead ads you need to! And this idea is on the house, free of charge! We generate anywhere from 5-30 leads a week for our clients utilizing Facebook ads that offer a free Ring doorbell, Ring flood lights or outdoor DVR system with a 3 year contract all day long! Now, there’s some who will argue that you shouldn’t lead with price and blah, blah, blah but we believe those people don’t run successful E-campaigns or maybe they’re just happy with generating 1 lead a month… who knows? But take a look below on how we generate FB leads for our customers.

    • First you’ll need to create an ad manager account from your personal FB page, Google it, it’s simple to do.
    • Next, create a lead form ad and when it comes to selecting your area enter in your zip code and set a 50 mile radius from it.
    • Now select an age demographic of 27 on up, that’s what works best for us but do your own testing to see what works better.
    • If you’re targeting businesses make sure to set your ad to only be seen by people who own businesses
    • Now for your visuals we typically will create an ad that shows a hand holding a phone with a burglar inside of it, a house in the background and a dome camera with a headline of “Get a free Ring flood lamp system with a home security purchase” and the same can work for small businesses also!
    • If you’re interested in penetrating a particular vertical try purchasing a list, import it into a custom audience with Facebook and if that person registered that email address with their Facebook account your ads will be shown to them, it’s a great way to laser target your ads, it’s 100% trackable and adjustable.

With Facebook ads try to revitalize them with subtle changes to keep them fresh, so try changing them out every month to keep them leads coming in!

Properly marketing your referral program!

Probably the second underutilized marketing strategy security companies don’t do and we’re not exactly sure why, because it will be one of your driving forces to generate monthly leads from happy customers!

  • If you don’t have a formal program to present to your existing customers take the time to do so! Run through a scenario with your staff to work out any kinks your program may have, but work on getting it down so when a staff member is talking in person or over the phone with a new customer it sounds professional and crystal clear on how to go about referring a family member or friend.
  • Take your referral program and start to market it! Create postcards or some type of handout your techs can give out as they finish an install, typically the happiest moment your new customer feels after a great customer experience. Create inserts promoting it if you’re still sending out physical invoices to your customers.
  • Make sure you’re also including it in your E-Newsletter too! You’ll be amazed on how many existing customers will forward the email to family members or friends telling them about your business and the great experience they had.
  • Lastly put it on your website! Create a button that says “referral program” and with some simple code your existing customers can type in their name and email, their friends name and email and send it off! A copy will come to your office and to the person they referred.

When it comes to your referral program we find that Visa gift cards between $100-$150 work best. No one really cares about a free month of monitoring or sandwich gift basket.

A monthly E-Newsletter!!!

We mentioned above that referral programs is the second marketing tactic underutilized and number one in our opinion is your newsletter! Are you doing a monthly newsletter? You should!

A monthly E-newsletter has been proven to lower attrition, cross pollinate your services, it will increase upsales on additional contacts, cameras, or complete systems and will get additional referrals each month. It’s probably the lowest cost marketing effort to develop and has a powerful impact to generate additional leads.

Retargeting ads!

Ever look at a website for a particular item like a fishing pole to purchase and notice that some voodoo’s been done and an ad with that fishing pole follows you around the web, in your email or social media? Well that’s retargeting and it’s easy to do!

You can retarget your web visitors using Google and Facebook. Simply create an ad account in both, download the retargeting code, get it on your website and create your ads. Then when a web visitor visits your site your ads will follow them around just like the fishing pole example. You can even be more specific, if someone visited your site for fire and life safety you can tell the code to recognize that page and in return you can generate an ad that strictly talks about fire and life safety.

You can control and set your monthly budget but its limited based on the traffic your Website receives. In our experience most web leads will come through the retargeting, not the initial click / visit to your site.

Local Search Rankings

Your local listing that shows up within Google when someone types in security in your service area is becoming more and more important. There have been studies that have shown that a potential customer doesn’t necessarily have to click to view your website anymore, that your local listing which shows your location, services, images, reviews and a description is enough information for a potential customer to make a decision whether or not to pick up the phone to call your company.

So, if you haven’t claimed your listing on Google and set it up completely you’ll definitely want to do that now! Like, right now! And make sure you fill everything out! Upload all the images, fill out the descriptions and categories. But if you do have a listing how do you get it to rank better?

There’s tools that will make it a little easier to do so, but the first thing you’ll want to do is double check that your company’s information is 100% the same across the board! If your address is misspelled on your site and correct within your Google listing this will hurt you! If you’re using tracking phone numbers on your website’s pages and they’re being listed in Google’s search listings TAKE THEM OFF! We learned this one the hard way, everything and we mean everything has to be consistent! Otherwise your site’s listing may be gone to the abyss!

Next you’ll want to get your company registered with important directories, Google looks at these as credible sources and in return will look at your company as being credible also, so it will help to increase your local listing rankings when you register with them. The only problem is that there’s around 30-40 of them so listing them manually would be a major pain in the ass! So, do what we do and pay for an online service named Yext, there’s others out there and some might argue with us but who you going to believe? Someone who handles hundreds of security companies all over the nation and even globally or your local marketing company that had to ask you to explain how the security industry works? By using Yext it will register your local information on all of the important directories that will help others to find your company and help to increase your local business listing.

Facebook & Instagram Organic Posts

Don’t waste your time! All the effort that goes into writing articles that nobody cares about is not worth the effort. Potential customers don’t care about the top 10 things little Timmy should be doing this holiday season to stay safe. Don’t believe us? Go within Facebook and do a search for a competitor and look at the posts like mentioned above and not a single person is engaging with it, sure it has 3 likes but click on the little like hand and you’ll see it’s staff members how have liked it, so why put the effort into BS stuff that doesn’t work?

Facebook is great to post pictures of your security company giving back. Things like this will get lots of shares, likes and generate your company real leads! But not BS articles.

As for Instagram generating your company leads it might with some heavy effort, but 1-3 leads a year for all the effort has made us stray away from it.


How do you know your marketing efforts or campaign is actually working if you’re not tracking it? At the very least install Google analytics and create campaign URLs. Here’s a link on a tool that Google gives you for free: https://ga-dev-tools.appspot.com/campaign-url-builder/. With campaign URLs you can create one for each E-campaign you have which will show up within your Google Analytics tool. If you’re too lazy to create one for each campaign then create Google shortened URLS, here’s a link for that: https://goo.gl/. Each time you create one in your Google account it will show you how many people clicked on it. Great to use within your Constant Contact / Mailchimp campaigns, Adwords campaigns, E-Blast and blogs. Sure most of these have some sort of tracking system, but who has all day to pull this data from each source when you can run 1 simple report within Google Analytics to view them all, right?

Everything mentioned above is what we provide and actually do for our clients. Sure there’s other marketing efforts we didn’t mention, but at the end of the day everything above if you’re doing right will be everything you need to do in the upcoming year to improve your marketing lead count. Also, we understand the above is more for the residential / commercial security company and have a list of must dos for integrators, contact us if you care to hear about them.

We hope you take advantage of this article. When we said we’re passionate about the security industry we weren’t lying and we hope this article helps to prove it.

Happy Holidays everyone!

If you’d like for us to give your security company a free marketing audit reach out to us at: 888-572-4450 and we’ll be in San Francisco this week for the CAA Winter Convention. If you’re attending shoot us a text so we can meet up for a beer at: 626-806-6800.


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